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M6 BMW Restoration By Styling Automotive Brisbane

This customer came to consult us on his M6 BMW restoration project. The car had some light front end panel damage and normal rust problems with the M6 BMW as it had been driven in the UK. The owner wanted to be involved in the process as he was very hands on. After a discussion to work out the best course of action, he pulled the car apart himself back to the shell and put it up on a jig he constructed himself, ready for repair.

We sent the car to Refurb Restoration to have the body and panels sandblasted inside and out. The vehicle then returned to us to start repairs. We repaired and painted the body for the client to a very high standard.

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BMW M635csi shell respray

We achieved a fantastic result and with the customers go ahead, we were able to display the car at the local Cars and Coffee meet at Turbo Drive, Coorparoo starting at 5am one Saturday morning. It was just the shell nothing else – just showcasing the paintwork with the BMW badge on the bonnet. This car show has over 200 car enthusiasts who love to drive their pride and joy to the event, or come to view other great cars while having their morning coffee.

To see a car that was just put there as a shell created hype for the car and its paintwork as well as our restoration process. The owner was very happy to have his car on display.

The car was then delivered back to the owner, who is happily enjoying reassembling all it’s pieces back together. We are looking forward to seeing the owner and the M6 BMW again this year to work on adding the running gear and other elements to bring the project towards completion.

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