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Mercedes Restoration BrisbaneWe were introduced to the client through a mutual friend. The customer brought in an Alfa Spider for a quick recondition/repair and repaint to get it up to speed as his daily drive. This led us into the full Mercedes Benz Pagoda restoration.

The Mercedes was driven in to Styling Auto, and all running gear, panels and items were removed from the vehicle to be replaced, reconditioned or thrown away. They car was then set up on a rotisserie and sent to our sand blasters to do the shell inside and out and be put into epoxy primer.

Now we could see the misdemeanours and history – a story to tell about old repairs, accidents old panel beating techniques. We love this part of a vehicle restoration where the car can tell us a story. We invite the customer back at this stage to show them the history and show them just how big a restoration can be.

Mercedes Restoration - The Engine

While the car was stripped down, the engine and mechanical components were sent out for reconditioning and wet bead blasting from our mates at Pioneer Finishes. The car was getting all new or reconditioned components similar to the time it left the original factory floor. All componentry is sent to specialists in their field to ensure a high-quality result.

The rebuild stage then begins – piece by piece, panel by panel. We proceeded to move through the repair process, realigning and rebuilding the car so that everything is perfect and primed and prepared ready for painting.

 Mercedes Disassembledmercedes rebuildmercedes respray

Mercedes Restoration - Preparing and Repainting

Panels removed from the Mercedes were fixed or fabricated and replaced. Intricate pieces were fabricated to ensure a perfect finish. The car had major restoration work done in terms of concourse presentation. It had the body fully restroed in and out. The boys then sanded the body down to get it ready for paint. The floor had to have stone guard and sealer applied to the undercarriage.

Once the body was sanded and prepared and aligned and straightened, the underside and inside of the floor as well as engine bay and wheel arches were painted. The boys then do the final preparation of the final body panelling, and the body is set up in the spray booth to be resprayed.

The paint preparation includes checking and cleaning and triple checking again the primer state, and that the body and booth are very clean and ready. The shell was then painted in 2K solid white colour.

respraystone chip coatfirst coat

The finish came up very clean, neat and tidy. Although the owner was informed every step of the way with images and explanations and options, at this stage we invited him back to the workshop to view the paintwork. He was able to see, in person, the huge workload and success in getting to such a milestone. His reaction was that it looked amazing and was the exact colour and image that he had in his head when he first decided to go ahead with the car restoration.

This was great feedback for us as we strive to deliver a dream car. We want the finished car to be what the customer always wanted.

The next stage of the Mercedes Restoration is to have the interior trimming added back in – red leather on black carpet. The chrome work is currently being re-chromed and plated ready for assembly. And the mechanical components are yet to be fitted to the vehicle.

Stay tuned......

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